Welcome to Shenwu!

Rushing, work, stress. Too less physical activity. Day after day increasing pressure. Nowadays everyone needs to get away from it all, to refresh body and mind as well as to improve the quality of life. If you desire silence and relaxation, you want to immerse yourself in your thoughts, moreover you have got the feeling that you move too less, GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE!


Break away from your everyday life and devote some time for yourself. Taiji and Qigong teaches you persistence, discipline and to gain power from yourself. During the regular training the nerve system is freed, by the straight posture the air and the life energy (Qi) can circulate without blockades through the whole body, self-healing processes and general well being are initiated. Use the inner energies concealed inside of you to prevent illnesses, to improve your physical condition for a long and balanced life.


Independent from age and skills the training is suitable for everyone, access possible at any time. First training free of charge (please apply in advance, because the training is often held outdoor).

Semester Course (September – June)

Every Wednesday 6 pm – 8 pm
1180 Wien, Klettenhofergasse 3 (1 minute´s walk from U6 Michelbeuern)

Summer Training (July & August)

Every Wednesday 6 pm – 8 pm
1130 Wien, Schönbrunn/ Sunbathing lawn (turn left approximately 100m after the Hietzinger gate)