Shenwu Presents Itself

In the end of 2010 the association “Shenwu – Chen Style Taijiquan” was founded with the support of Grandmaster Chen Shi Hong, who is also the namesake. The members should be given optimal and pleasant conditions for training in order to obtain the opportunity to experience the world of internal martial arts and to delve into its profundity.
The association maintains a friendly relationship with the Austrian Chinese Wushu Association (ACWA) and his Master Chen Shi Hong and tries regularly to exchange experiences with other styles and associations at as well as in foreign countries.

What Is The Meaning Of “Shen Wu Hui”?

“Shen Wu Hui” (shen = “spirit, god, supernatural”, wu = ‘fight’; hui = “Association”) points out the spiritual and metaphysical spirit of martial arts. It expresses the direct relationship between internal and external processes. Thought and form, idea and movement are inseparable, the unity of mind and body is the ultimate goal of all efforts.
Calligraphy “Shen Wu Hui” from GM Chen Shi Hong