20th of May – Tai Chi Course Jarek Jodzis


From the 20th to 22nd of May Jarek Jodzis conducts a Tai Chi workshop in Vienna.

Place: Romaplatz (near Angelibad) beside “Alte Donau”, 1210 Vienna

How to get there:

Nearest underground-station is U6 Neue Donau – by foot about 5-10 minutes. Follow Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse, move left into Birnersteig, first it is a way for cars then it gets smaler – on the right hand, there is a parking area (Romaplatz), on the left hand a playground. From here you can reach the meadow-beach on the right, were we meet

We always meet next to a tree in the back of the beach-area near the Sausage-Selling-Box (Würstelstand), that has its place in the middle of the parking area.

You can also get there with U1 – Alte Donau – but then you have to take the bus 20B to Friedstraße oder Melchiargasse; by feet,  I think, its takes 20 minutes walk along the Arbeiterstrandbadstraße till Birnersteig.

Time:  Friday (20.5.), 18.00 – 20.00; Saturday & Sunday (21.-22.5.) generally 10.00 – 17.00 with lunchbreak Program:  Tui Shou, Laojia yilu with Basics as Jibengong, double sabre

Detailed Information at Taiji Friends Vienna!

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